Messages from the Presidents

November 2019

Dear Members of NHRW,

What a surprise it was when I realized I’d been unfriended on FaceBook. Ironically the extent of my FB involvement is relegated to heart emojis and forwarding interesting and informative political points, social issues, and things that make me laugh.

What began as small jabs at my pro-America, pro-Military, pro- life, and pro-Trump postings progressed to aggressive counterpoints. Her topics and sweeping anti-American commentaries contained partial truths for the purpose of supporting her positions. I researched and rebutted hoping to inform and educate but the facts and merely disagreeing with her was unacceptable. Ultimately we could no longer have a reasonable discussion, share opinions, and/or find any common ground about our country at all...and I was unfriended.

How then can we achieve the goal of getting people to actually listen and hear the truth. I resurrected the 10 Takeaway Points from one of our past speakers, Ben Shapiro. His topic and talking points are as pertinent today as they were when he spoke to NHRW several years ago. We may never influence the extreme left but there are multitudes on the political spectrum that do respond to persuasive approaches.

The 10 Takeaway Points are great reminders that how we communicate is just as important as what we communicate if our goal is educate, provide voter awareness, and ultimately register Republicans to gain the votes needed to turn Orange County red again.


  1. DEFINE YOUR OPPOSITION. You are in their war room, so try out their talking points.

  2. EMBRACE THE BATTLE - DOUBLE DOWN. They are not going to leave us alone.

  3. DEFINE THE PARAMETERS OF THE ARGUMENT. Liberals like to frame their arguments in a particular way. Shapiro stressed that it is imperative to educate people about the Constitution and cite it on a frequent basis.

  4. MAKE SWISS CHEESE. That is to say, point out philosophical inconsistencies. Don't let liberals win through incrementalism.

  5. DON'T GET DISTRACTED. When liberals are losing the argument, they change the subject. Pin them down before you move to a new topic, "Do you want to discuss drug policy or gun policy?"

  6. ADMIT IT IF YOU DON'T KNOW SOMETHING. The best response is, "I haven't studied that, I’ll look into it and get back to you."

  7. DON'T BUY INTO THE PARADIGM. Don't go along with someone just because he is our guy. It's okay to say a Republican is wrong.

  8. GIVE THEM POINTS OF AGREEMENT. For example, if asked what you think about background checks, it's okay to agree, but clarify your position.

  9. REVERSE THE POLARITY. The left is not comfortable when they have to defend their own positions. Asking them to clarify and defend that position is the best way to win.

  10. BODY LANGUAGE MATTERS. Your gestures, posture, stance, facial expressions, and how your voice sounds. These factors affect how listeners receive what is said and respond to them.


Robin Sanders