Message from the President

June 2019

After last fall’s election, so many of our members were stunned and dismayed by the Democrat victories in Orange County, and especially here in the 48th District. Many lamented, wrung their hands, and repeatedly asked “WHY???” However, not Pamela Hoffman, Libby Huyck, Dianne Wells, or Peg E. Rollans. They sprang to action and decided to respond by creating a special group of NHRW volunteers to begin registering and educating voters to make OC red again.

They established their mission to protect our individual rights and to educate citizens about those rights and expose the candidates and issues that violate them. They identified their goal to elect candidates who reflect our values. And they sent out their call to action by reaching out to our members at our luncheons and gathering volunteers. Not surprisingly, the response has been overwhelming and extremely energetic!

Just how this impactful committee plans to reach their goal is by forming groups to concentrate on the following specific areas:

1) Voter Registration

2) Voter Fraud

3) Social Media, emphasis on Twitter

4) Youth Outreach

They plan to hold meetings/workshops every 4-6 weeks to evaluate their results, exchange ideas, train volunteers, provide guest speakers, and when necessary set new goals. They are focused on interacting with other like-minded groups to expand their spheres of influence.

If you know any of these passionate patriots, you know they will easily meet their additional goal, which is to have fun in the process. I caught up with them in mid-May when I attended their Action Team Workshop. We were educated by a few guest speakers - Dran Reese, founder of Salt & Light (a voter registration ministry in churches); Brian Harrington (from the Lincoln Club), who taught the group how to set up new Twitter accounts; Marc Ang, (from Pass The Beacon), who inspired and invigorated us; Alex Loniak, (president of the Orange Coast College Republicans). After 90 minutes of concrete instruction, the large group broke up into smaller groups, rolled up their sleeves and got to work.

I strongly believe you will not only enjoy endless fun volunteering with this group, but I know you will tangibly make a difference in our county. As Pamela told me, “We all inspire each other and that’s the best possible way to start our journey to elect conservative candidates for office!!”