Message from the President

April 2019

Within only three week’s time I was fortunate enough to attend four very interesting events that continue to reignite the fire in my belly to fight even harder for the future of California, once the greatest state in the nation.

Last month, I shared with you our findings at the CA GOP convention in Sacramento. Following that, on March 19th, I attended Harley Rouda’s Orange County new office open house with several other NHRW members. We were there to ask the tough questions and attempt to hold Harley, the “moderate democrat,” accountable. Not surprisingly, Harley is anti-wall, even though his Emerald Bay home is neatly tucked away behind beautiful, manned security gates. Of course we all know that Clinton and Obama wanted the wall, but as soon as President Trump campaigned on it, the project

became more unpopular than leprosy. Harley spews the democrat talking points with which we are all too familiar. We need to support sanctuary status in order to encourage illegals to work with law enforcement when crimes occur in their communities. We need to remove the citizen question on the census because it’s bigoted. We do not have an immigration issue; Harley states that crossings are down since 2000. Then, how would he deal with the current “low” illegal border crossings, you ask? We need more State Department funding (surprise, surprise), and more financial help sent to the poor Central American countries. Harley also supports lowering the voting age to 16. In the few minutes that he spoke to the crowd, he managed to bring up his new bill, that allows access to all Presidential conversations from interpreters. Does anyone think this is important to District 48 voters? Does anyone think he is really a moderate? That evening, one of our members learned from another that St. Andrews Presbyterian Church is working in the area of rescuing "trafficked" women and children on the streets of Santa Ana. Though this is not news, it is still startling that children are being trafficked through our very own border and turned into sex slaves in our once conservative, safe county.

On March 22nd I attended a breakfast at the Pacific Club featuring John Moorlach. Our senator is so informative and entertaining, but he is also spread incredibly thin, being only one of a handful of Republicans serving in our state legislature. Senator Moorlach serves on these standing committees: Judiciary (Vice Chair), Budget & Fiscal Review, Governance & Finance, Public Employment and Retirement and Insurance. He is also on these sub and select committees: Budget & Fiscal Review - Sub Committee 1 on Education, Joint Rules, Mental Health. His deep involvement gives you an idea of how intimately aware he is of what is truly going on in our capital. He spoke about OC homelessness, wildfire prevention, high-speed rail alternatives and more. What's the take away? The funds are grossly mismanaged and the California Rule prevails. “If you provide a state benefit, it can never be taken away!”

Finally on March 28th, with many of you, I attended our NHRW luncheon featuring Trevor Loudon. If the first three events hadn’t pushed me into full-blown activism, our New Zealander, America-loving, Mr. Loudon definitely did! Through his extensive research, prolific writing and professionally produced videos, Trevor reveals just how insanely deep and far reaching Communism is in our government, system of education and entertainment industry. You MUST get your hands on his Enemies Within book, DVD, or both. You will be incredibly disturbed by what you learn but hopefully you will be inspired to join me and become even more committed to the re-election of Donald Trump. Many, including Trevor, believe our President was our last hope to prevent an impenetrable established progressive America that never again elects a Republican president or state official. Not being a conspiracy theorist, I know that sounds over the top. However, after the last few weeks of my life I have realized, it’s not! If we fail to rise up, unite and devote the next 18 months actively engaged in purging our voter roles, walking our neighborhoods, registering voters and encouraging Republicans to go to the polls, our children, grandchildren and generations to come will not grow up in America the beautiful, home of the free and the brave. That description will simply become just some sentimental lyrics from yesteryear. Please join us. All of our committee chairs are listed on our website and in our newsletter. NHRW needs you! America needs you! Now truly is the time for all good people to come to the aid of their party!