Current Events Action

Come  –  Be Educated  –  Take Action

We meet periodically in private homes to present brief summaries of some current national or state issues of concern, with guidelines and specific action steps to take. Attendees are given opportunities to send comments, suggestions, and requests to our representatives in Washington or Sacramento.

Sometimes we provide postcards to write on the spot, or the issue may call for sending emails or making phone calls.  Whatever form of communication it takes, the important thing is to do something!  And do it respectfully and intelligently!  Contacting your elected representatives can bring you that satisfaction of active involvement in the political process.  Even if your representatives may rarely agree on issues, it is important that they know what you think.  It’s a way to make a difference.

In these meetings we are surrounded by women who share our views in an exchange of ideas and information.  We begin with a brief social time and refreshments.  This is a great way for interested people to meet and take action.  There is no charge, but some people take turns bringing snacks. Come and make your voices heard!

Click below to see upcoming CEA meetings, and be on the lookout for announcements.

You may contact our Current Events Action Chairman,

Bonnie O’Neil, with any questions.