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March 26th Luncheon:   Dr. Duke Pesta, Common Core.

Have you wondered why there is such a huge controversy over the new education system, Common Core, which is now in almost every California school, both public and private, and in almost every state?

Maybe you are concerned that it was conceived in a covert manner and curious as to how it became nationalized, even though our forefathers gave the responsibility of educating children to the states.  Few parents know about its data mining capabilities, or that its accompanying curriculum is dotted with an alarming amount of liberal bias.

Our March 26th speaker, Dr. Duke Pesta, is nationally known as an expert on Common Core.  His bold and blunt talk should be heard by every parent and grandparent, as everyone needs to be aware and warned of what is happening in our classrooms.  This is a great time to invite your friends and family members who have school-age children, so they can know the facts about this critical issue.

And please call Sue to let her know your check is in the mail so that she can get the count in to the Pacific Club as soon as possible, or call with questions about this luncheon -(949) 644-0539.

Preview our upcoming March speaker Dr. Duke Pesta


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