Young America's Foundation

Newport Harbor Republican Women are proud donors to Young America’s Foundation.  We support the mission statement and effort of YAF which seeks to educate and empower the youth of today.

YAF Mission Statement

“Young America’s Foundation is committed to ensuring that increasing numbers of young Americans understand and are inspired by the ideas of individual freedom, a strong national defense, free enterprise, and traditional values.

As the principal outreach organization of the Conservative Movement, the Foundation introduces thousands of American youth to these principles. We accomplish our mission by providing essential conferences, seminars, educational materials, internships, and speakers to young people across the country.

Young America’s Foundation stepped forward to save President Reagan’s Western White House, Rancho del Cielo, in the spring of 1998 to preserve it as a living monument to Ronald Reagan to pass on his ideas to future generations. President Reagan committed himself to reaching young people with his ideas—a goal that is also central to the Foundation’s mission.”

Corona Del Mar High School

Brian Seaman  

Loyola Marymount University

Adam Duarte

Orange Coast College

Ben Keene

University of California, Los Angeles

Thea Dunlevie

University of Southern California

Max Brandon 


The plan of the Young America’s Foundation to use the Reagan Ranch as a focal point to teach young people about the principles that Ronald Reagan holds dear is an important educational mission. That educational mission will further the cause of free enterprise, lower taxes, limited government, traditional values, and a strong national defense. Young America’s Foundation is truly a leader in teaching the importance of faith and freedom.
— Secty. Dick Cheney