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May Luncheon with Ruth Weiss "The State of Election Integrity"

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“The State of Election Integrity in CA, and How It Can Be Improved”

The first priority of a political party should be to assure honest elections. Does anyone believe that we in California enjoy such an assurance?

On November 6, 2018 - election night - most Republicans in Orange County went to bed feeling downhearted that our beloved, long-term congressman, Dana Rohrabacher, was trailing in his bid for re-election. We were slightly consoled by the fact that Republicans appeared to have held onto most of their seats, however, and prayed that the absentee ballots would push Dana over the top.  

At our luncheon two days later, we were still under the impression that Republicans had managed to hang onto the majority of elected offices, and held tight to that slim ray of sunshine peeking out behind Dana’s defeat. 

By the end of the month, however, that single ray of hope was extinguished; Democrats had flipped all four of the Republican-held Congressional seats, and ousted Republicans Matt Harper and Janet Nguyen from their positions in the Assembly and State Senate. November 6 had unleashed a political bloodbath for Republicans in Orange County via ballot harvesting and other aggressive tactics. 

Question: Was the election fair? 

The Election Integrity Project, a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization, exists to pursue fairness in elections. They believe if the election process is subverted by error, apathy, carelessness and fraud, we are robbed of the significance and purpose of the privilege of voting, which could ultimately lead to the demise of our republic. 

Ruth Weiss is the Vice President of Election Integrity Project California, the Director of Legislative Oversight, and Director of the Southern Region of California. Ruth will share with us the various issues of voter fraud (hint: despite Democrat protestations, it is real), what steps her organization is taking to restore fairness in our elections, and how you can get involved. As long as ballot harvesting is legal here, we cannot ignore it. It’s time to get smart – and get involved!

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