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Christmas Luncheon: Ed Geehr "Foreign Aid, Corruption and the Third World"

As we head into the Christmas season, our thoughts often turn towards charity and doing good for others.  Who is truly in need, and how can we feel certain our contributions are being spent effectively?

Haiti is the poorest nation in the western hemisphere.  The country’s tumultuous history includes native enslavement, violent revolution, natural disasters, infectious epidemics, gang warfare, sex trafficking, and unstable governments.  Haiti is a textbook example of the corrupting influence of foreign aid, the disastrous intrusion by the UN, and continuing exploitation by many charitable organizations. As a frequent visitor and medical aid worker in Haiti, Dr. Edward Geehr will share his on-the-ground perspective of Haiti’s current challenges and the best hope for its future.  

A graduate of Yale University and Duke University Medical School, Dr. Geehr completed a residency and research fellowship in Emergency Medicine at UCLA.  He was subsequently appointed associate clinical professor of medicine and surgery at the University of California, San Francisco and Chief of Emergency Services at San Francisco General Hospital.  Dr. Geehr is the author or editor of over 400 healthcare publications including scholarly articles, books, blogs and commentary.

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