Message from the President

November 2018

You Don’t Hand Matches To An Arsonist, And You Don’t Give Power To An Angry Left-Win Mob.
— President Donald Trump

If the events of this political tsunami, ordinarily referred to as the midterm elections, haven left you considering striking a deal with the devil to bring back an era of Democrats th likes of JFK, maybe you haven’t been paying close attention. We are now witnessing th legitimization of Marxist ideology offered up by White House hopefuls such at Kamal Harris, home-grown far-left liberal that she is. During the Kavanagh hearings we saw the attempted disintegration of one of the most sacred principles in the American crimina justice system—the presumption of innocence until proven guilty.

We are marveling, some shaking our heads violently in utter disbelief, that the boisterous #MeToo movemen blatantly refuses even to address the behavior of Keith Ellison and Bill Clinton, and allows Hillary to deny th accusations against Bill regarding Monica Lewinsky. She is outrageously passing off his sexual aggression an harassment as acts between two consenting adults. Hillary also, along with Maxine Waters and Eric Holder, t name just a few, are brazenly encouraging uncivil and in some cases aggressive or violent behavior agains Republicans. And when it’s not disgusting, vile, illegal, or abusive behavior, it’s frequently downright ridiculous, a in the case of Elizabeth Warren. She boldly just released her DNA results reporting that she is 1/1000th Nativ American, which actually makes her less Native American than the majority of the United States population. Sh then insisted our president pay a million dollars to the charity of her choice, as he had offered to do if she wa indeed a Native American. As we are now saying way too often as we hit ourselves on the sides of our heads you can’t make this stuff up!

Members, this is not a fight for our Republican party merely to remain in power. This is monolithic. This i potentially our American Armageddon. President Trump has said that the Democrats are too dangerous to govern. He also said,"You Don't Hand Matches To An Arsonist, And You Don't Give Power To An Angry Left-Win Mob."

VOTE! Take your Republican friends and family to VOTE! For whatever time remains, volunteer at ou campaign headquarters to help us who are tirelessly working on your behalf to keep the Congress majority Republican body! Attend Republican rallies! Walk precincts for Republican candidates! Donat what funds you might be able to for the campaigns of Republicans whose seats are in jeopardy, such a Congressman Dana Rohrabacher’s.

The United States of the Democrat Party is not a United States in which any of us will want to live! Do something, as much as you possibly can do – and then double it - to ensure we never have to!