Message from the President

March 2019

Monday morning, the Los Angles Times reported the election results of our state party from the CAGOP Convention in Sacramento over the weekend. The article led with, “California Republicans named a new chair Sunday, electing Jessica Patterson, a Latina, the first woman to lead the state party after it suffered historic losses in the November midterm elections. . . She will lead a team of newly elected executive officers that includes Vice-Chairman Peter Kuo, a Taiwanese American immigrant, and Treasurer Gregory Gandrud, who is gay.”

I was fortunate to be one of the 1,200 delegates at the convention, which in many ways was an eye opening experience. Contrary to the Times slant in its article, I fully embrace ALL

conservative Republicans working together under our very large tent and I would like to establish a few of salient points:

  • We ARE NOT the party of identity politics! Patterson’s female, Latina identity does not make her more or less qualified to lead our state party. Neither does Kuo’s Asian immigrant description nor Gandrud’s gay status. As conservative Republicans we are interested solely in our leaders character and competency.

  • Jessica has not been an overt President Trump supporter, preferring to limit her political focus to local issues. NHRW remains openly pro Trump!

  • The people spoke in Sacramento and now we must unite and work with Jessica and her board to TAKE BACK CALIFORNIA. We are in dire times in this state that we all love. Part of uniting and working together is holding our representatives accountable. I strongly encourage you to regularly contact our new CAGOP executive board at the following addresses and make your opinions and concerns known.