Daughters of Liberty

Community for women between the ages of 21-34 


During the American Revolution, young women formed groups to resist taxation without representation.  The famous patriot, Samuel Adams said that “With ladies on our side, we can make every Tory tremble.” While today we no longer have the fear of British colonial rule, we continue to struggle against high taxes and rampant government spending.

We are a diverse group of 21-34 year olds that are in the medical field, small business owners, tech, and law that are leaders in our community to bring the voice of reason. 

We are a subset of NHRW that will meet after work to:

  • Precinct Walk

  • Campaign

  • Volunteer to serve our community (including baking!)

  • ...and other social events

For additional information, please reach out to Joy Chen at joy_chen@rocketmail.com or call/text at (949) 320-3134.